Social investment through CAF Venturesome

What is social investment?

Social investment is access to finance for organisations with a clear charitable or social agenda.  

How CAF Venturesome can help

CAF Venturesome is one of the most active providers of impact-focused social investment in the UK. Established in 2002, we were one of the first social investment funds in the UK. By January 2016 we had supported more than 480 social organisations with over £39m of social investment finance.

We are supported by funders who want to use their philanthropic capital to achieve both a social and a financial return. We use these funds to offer charities and social enterprises affordable, flexible, repayable finance to enable them to deliver on their mission. When this money is repaid, we use it to support more social organisations, before aiming to return it to our funders.

Infographic showing the difference between traditional philanthropy and social investment

CAF Venturesome is unique as a social investment provider; we prioritise social impact over financial return. We believe that this is the most effective way to address the unmet demand of access to capital for social organisations.

Are you a charity or social enterprise looking for funding?

  • CAF Venturesome provides affordable financial support to charities, social enterprises and community groups which are incorporated in the UK. We provide unsecured loans where conventional lenders do not. We offer financial support of between £25,000 and £350,000 to help with your specific challenges including working capital and cash flow gaps
  • There is no application form to fill in, as every application is dealt with personally by a member of our dedicated team
  • Upon successful application, a tailor-made package is created precisely to meet your needs

Find out more about social investment for charities

Or would you like to find out how to make your charitable capital go further?

CAF Venturesome is supported by over 100 funders including individuals, families, grant-making trusts and corporate foundations - and could help you to make a lasting social impact too.

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