Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation, Sir John Low CBE

Sir John Low, CBE

Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation

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11 July 2018

The Charity Commission has today released its Trust in Charities 2018 report, analysing the British public’s confidence in charitable organisations.

Sir John Low, Chief Executive of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), comments: 

“Nothing is more important to charities than the trust of those who support them, as well as the trust of those who rely upon them. 
“The Charity Commission’s report shows public trust and confidence remain at similar levels to 2016, even after the recent crises at some household name charities. This is in line with CAF’s own research, but we shouldn’t take this faith for granted. We agree with the Commission’s aspiration that charities should be among the most trusted social institutions. 
“The public has also asked for greater transparency from charities, especially around distribution of funds and how that money is spent. We must listen to them, as well as find new ways to be more open with the millions of people who give regularly. Our research shows that people in the UK are incredibly generous and give around £10bn a year to good causes. That desire to help others is something we always need to protect.”


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