13 March 2018

Sir John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said today: “The Chancellor’s statement was never expected to announce a raft of new policies, but it does contain details which could have profound effects on charities.

“Cash is still by far the most common way people donate to charity, so the forecast in HM Treasury’s consultation document on cash and digital payments, suggesting that cash transactions will more than halve from 12bn transactions a year to 5.8bn between 2016-2026, could have a real impact on charities if people carry less cash to give away. A consultation on cash is a good opportunity for Government and charities to work together to embrace new technologies and ensure the decline of cash doesn’t get in the way of people’s desire to be generous.

“We’re pleased the Chancellor is looking at ways to build on the plastic bag levy which has helped reduce the number of single-use plastic bags and give millions of pounds to charity. We know 70% of people are willing to pay a plastic bag charge if it goes to a good cause and would urge the government to bear in mind the great work being carried out by charities and social enterprises in being part of the solution to reduce waste and increase recycling capacity.”


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