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6 February 2019

Download the 2019 Brazil Giving report here.

Younger generations in Brazil are increasingly likely to donate money to charity and volunteer their time for causes that they care about.

That’s according to the Brazil Giving report released today. This was commissioned by IDIS, Brazilian partner of the Charities Aid Foundation, an international charity that helps people and companies to give worldwide.

The report provides a greater understanding than ever before of how Brazilians give back to charity, across different ages and social groups. Key findings of the research include:

  • Seven in ten (70%) have donated money in the past 12 months; either to an NPO /charity, to a church or religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone
  • Cash donations are the most common method of giving; 68% of donors have given in this way
  • Nearly eight in ten report doing at least one charitable activity in the last 12 months most commonly by giving money to a church or other religious organisation
  • The number one reason for giving is people wanting to feel good about themselves, with half of donors citing that as a reason; caring about the cause (42%) and wanting to help people less fortunate (40%) are the next most common reasons
  • 76% of those surveyed say that charities have had a positive impact internationally; a similar proportion report that charities have had a positive impact on their local community and Brazil as a whole (both 73%)


In 2018, millennials aged 25-34 were significantly more likely than those aged 55 and over to donate money in the last 12 months (75% vs 64%), whilst the percentage of 25-34 year olds sponsoring someone for charity shot up from 32% to 43% year-on-year.

Those aged 18-24 are significantly more likely to perceive a positive impact from charities on Brazil as a whole (85% vs. 73% on average).

Young Brazilians also stated that they would like to donate to charity more often, if certain barriers were removed. 35% of 18-24 year olds would be likely to give more money, time or goods in the year ahead if they knew more about NPOs and charitable organisations, compared to an average of 25% for all Brazilians. 23% would also give more if they had better access to ways of making payments compared to the overall average of 13%, and 20% would give more if they had access to a workplace giving programme, above the Brazilian average of 11%.

Commenting on the report, Paula Fabiani, Chief Executive of IDIS adds:

“So many Brazilians are willing to give their time and money to help out those in need. That’s fantastic to see.

“The appetite amongst young people in Brazil to involve themselves in civil society is very encouraging for the future, but crucially, this has to be nurtured if Brazil is to ultimately benefit. With greater access to schemes such as workplace giving and more awareness of charitable organisations, those less fortunate in our society will hopefully see an improvement in their quality of life.”

Notes to editors:


This report is based on data collected by YouGov on behalf of CAF. In Brazil, 1,022 interviews were completed online between 2nd August and 31st August 2018. The survey was conducted using YouGov’s online panel.

Due to the level of internet penetration in Brazil (45%), the sample is representative of the urban population and is weighted to known population data on demographics including age and gender.

Differences are reported at the 95% confidence level (the level of confidence that the results are a true reflection of the whole population). The maximum margin of error (the amount of random sampling error) is calculated as ±3%.

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Download the 2019 Brazil Giving report


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