In response to research warning that younger generations are struggling to give as generously as older generations, CAF led a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry into the future of charitable giving.

Seeking to ensure that people of all ages have ways to support charity that are aligned with their changing life circumstances, the Inquiry put forward a series of recommendations to ensure that people are given ways of turning their enthusiasm and goodwill towards charity into practical support.

Led by Lord Blunkett, and co-chaired by Baroness Tyler of Enfield and Andrew Percy MP, the Inquiry brought together organisations including Google, BT, Age UK and NUS to understand their opinions on how best to engage different audiences, and where the main gaps in engagement fall.

The recommendations produced at the conclusion of the Inquiry were targeted at government, businesses and charities themselves, based on the evidence that was received and with the recognition that all sectors have a role to play in ensuring that we build upon our proud culture of giving.


Since the Inquiry concluded, a number of the recommendations have been adopted by policymakers and political parties, and CAF has been leading by example by campaigning for their introduction. This has included:

  • Bringing the global #givingtuesday campaign to the UK, which has seen it become a core part of the UK’s charity calendar, and each year sees thousands of charities, businesses, celebrities, politicians and individuals coming together to do good stuff
  • Producing a report on young trustees, including recommendations for charities to ensure that they make trustee positions accessible and enjoyable for young people, and explaining the benefits of trusteeship to young people so that they understand that serving as a trustee can help develop their skills
  • Working with UCAS to create guidance for young people applying to university and college through the UCAS system, which explains to them how social action experience can help make their personal statement stand out, as well as suggesting ways for them to get involved in their local community
  • Creating a report on the concept of a Post Careers Advice Service, which would bring different sectors and agencies together to provide people retiring with advice on a range of issues, including volunteering opportunities in their local area

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The Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry produced a final report 'Creating an Age of Giving' that has helped to shape the direction of policy, which was informed by oral and written evidence received from a number of organisations. The report summarises the process and the evidence received during the duration of the Inquiry, and before setting out a vision of how to protect and develop the principle of charity within the UK.

The Creating an Age of Giving report put forward a number of exciting recommendations – agreed on a cross-party basis – about how to get more people involved across charitable giving throughout their lives.


Creating an Age of Giving, 2014 report

Conclusions from the Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry 2014



Growing up Giving 2013 report

The first stage of the Inquiry looked at how younger people support good causes, learn about charities, can use charitable activity to boost their opportunities, as well as how charities can make themselves accessible to younger audiences.
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Giving at Work

The next stage of the Inquiry focused on employment; how people can support charities throughout their working life, employers can improve loyalty and staff skills and how people increasingly want to work for organisations committed to social good.

Going on Giving

The final stage of the Inquiry focused on how people engage with charity during retirement. It explores giving retirees more information about volunteering and how older generations can pass their commitment to giving onto younger generations.


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Mind the Gap 2012; giving and the younger generation

Charitable giving by individuals has always played an important role and may become even more essential in the coming years. This report reveals that there could be trouble ahead if the younger generation fail to keep up levels of giving.

Growing up Giving - insights

This research was designed to provide some context for CAF’s Growing Giving campaign. The campaign aims to close the ‘generation gap’ in charitable giving and promote active engagement of charities with all age groups.
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