2008 publications

You’ll find all our 2008 publications here, including our research into how much individuals gave to charity, a paper on what quasi-equity is and why it is important, and part one and two of our three models of social enterprise report. If there are any CAF publications from 2008 that you are keen on finding out more about, contact our expert team.

Balancing financial risk and social return - May 2008

This paper examines the differing interests of charities and funders in balancing risk and return. The majority of charities rely on grants to fund their organisations, but many are starting to use bank loans too. Grants are given on the expectation of social return, whereas loans are provided because the lender anticipates a financial return. Venturesome, the author of the paper, is a social investment fund which explores the ‘middle ground’ between these two types of financing.

The result? A new way to support charities called ‘social investment’. Now, charities are expected to provide both social and financial return. The paper looks at how this is impacting both charities and lenders, and how this balance is being achieved.

Download a copy of the report (.pdf, 171KB)

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