2008 publications

You’ll find all our 2008 publications here, including our research into how much individuals gave to charity, a paper on what quasi-equity is and why it is important, and part one and two of our three models of social enterprise report. If there are any CAF publications from 2008 that you are keen on finding out more about, contact our expert team.

Financing Civil Society: A practitioner's guide to the Social Investment Market

This CAF Venturesome report looks at the barriers to and opportunities for future development of the social investment market, in the context of the market's recent rapid growth.

It highlights financial risk aversion, a lack of understanding of financial needs and inefficiency in the marketplace as the key barriers to the sector achieving more social impact, and recommends greater co-investment, information sharing and a common language to help the demand and supply sides of the market better understand each other.

Download Financing Civil Society (.pdf, 217KB)

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