This survey provides 2007/8 research on individuals' giving to charity – how much is given, and who the donors are. The report found that:

  • Charitable giving by the public remains a widespread activity
  • The mean average amount given by donors increased in 2007/08
  • The amount most frequently given was relatively unchanged
  • Cash giving continues to fall as usage of credit cards and direct debits increases
  • High-level donors continue to drive the gift economy
  • Medical research continues to be the most widely supported cause
  • Individuals’ background influences propensity to give, but only for some causes


  • key trends
  • characteristics of donors
  • the causes that donors support
  • high-level donor trends
  • methods of giving
  • tax-efficient giving
  • who gives to what cause
  • future policy directions for charitable giving

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Erratum – UK Giving 2008

Please note that the key in Figure 1 on page 11 has been reversed. The green bars should represent the % of donors, and the purple bars should represent the % of amount given.

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