The volatile financial climate of 2008/2009 has made it harder for many charities to obtain funding at a point at which they are experiencing an increased demand for their services. A recent CAF survey found that over half of charities, whose services help people to deal with the effects of the recession, had seen an increase in demand for their services in the previous three months. Over the same period 41% of charities reported less funding than they had budgeted for, and of those who receive corporate income, two fifths had received less of this kind of support.
In November 2008, we engaged with 161 charities via an online survey to find out what charities want from companies, and how, if at all, expectations differed by industry. An exploration of the sources of support sought from companies was also felt to be timely since cash is increasingly less available.
This report takes you through the research findings. It also aims to give companies some practical guidance on how to increase the effectiveness of their charitable giving programme in the midst of the recession and beyond – quite simply how to make the most impact with the resources available.


  • What do charities think about company giving?
  • What types of support do charities want from companies and what do they think they are willing to give?
  • What does an ideal corporate partner look like?
  • Which industry sectors do charities perceive as having the most desirable corporate partners?
  • Tips and guidance for companies working with charities
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