2009 publications

All of our 2009 publications are located in this section of the website. This includes our annual UK giving report, as well as research into how charities perceive corporate giving and a survey which looked into how aware the public were of tax-effective giving methods, such as Gift Aid, and how much they used them. If you cannot find what you are looking for or are interested in additional CAF publications from 2009, contact our expert team today.

Helping companies helping charities

The volatile financial climate has made it harder for many charities to obtain funding at a point at which they are experiencing an increased demand for their services. This reduction in support appears to include corporate donations. Indeed in a recent CAF survey of those charities who benefit from corporate income, two fifths had received less than they had budgeted for.

We surveyed 161 charities to find out what charities want from companies and how if at all expectations differed by industry.

The report takes you through these findings and also gives companies some practical guidance on how to increase the effectiveness of their charitable giving programme in the midst of the recession and beyond.

Download a copy of the report (.pdf, 280KB)

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