This survey was carried out by joint effort of four partners – Zircon Research Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Donors Forum and CAF Russia. We were united by a concern about the future of philanthropy in Russia during this recession and the need for objective information about the actual state of affairs. The information that would turn everyone’s anxiety into a constructive discussion on cooperation aimed at alleviating the consequences of the crisis and finding solutions.
The survey results do not pretend to be entirely representative due to its methodology and natural resource limitations. In fact, only the most active and involved organisations responded to our questionnaires, which means that the negative effects revealed by the survey are probably underestimated, while the positive ones may be overly optimistic. However, the picture obtained within the survey reflects the basic trends of the sector, which have been confirmed by the experts who took part in the discussion panel on the quantitative research results.

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The survey included interviews with non-profit organisations (NPOs), corporations and private foundations and concentrated on three basic questions:

  1. How the crisis has already affected the stakeholders of the charitable sector.
  2. What expectations organisations have regarding the development of the crisis and how they formulate strategic responses to these expectations.
  3. What needs associated with anti-recessionary strategies for philanthropy the key players in the sector have to address between themselves as well as with external stakeholders (including the state).
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