2010 publications

UK Giving 2010

This survey provides the latest research on individuals' giving to charity – how much is given, who the donors are, and where the donations go.

Analysis includes:

  • key findings
  • what proportion of people give money to charity?
  • how much is the typical gift?
  • what is the total amount given by individuals in 2009/10?
  • how do people give?
  • who gives and who gives more than others?
  • what causes do people give to?
  • how popular are overseas causes?
  • what proportion of donors use Gift Aid?
  • how does giving in the UK compare with other countries?
  • how much do legacies contribute to the total amount given?
  • how much is given by the highest-level donors?
  • implications for policy and practice

2010 report publications:

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