This paper aims to enhance the understanding of Payroll Giving by providing a concise, factual view of relevant data that has been published since the scheme was created. For the first time, Payroll Giving revenues are published in real terms for the entire 25-year period.

The report brings together hard facts and a timeline of events that may have had an impact on the Payroll Giving sector over that time. This report serves as an update of CAF’s Analysis of UK Payroll Giving, July 2005 3 briefing paper.

The paper brings together data that has been produced by various organisations between 1987 and 2012. The sources are: HMRC, Payroll Giving Centre, Office for National Statistics, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO).

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Payroll giver from ASOS

“I always used to give to charity by putting the odd £1 into a collection every now and again. Signing up to payroll giving has helped me to give a lot more.”

Payroll giver from Tesco

"I'm part of this wonderful scheme! I give to a charity that supports people that suffer from MS as unfortunately my granny had it. I give through payroll as it's just so handy."

Five benefits of payroll giving to charities

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