2012 publications

The first CAF Social Impact Fund full year report

The CAF Social Impact Fund loans your charitable funds to charities and when they repay it we loan it again and again.  This means you’ll get to help several charities with a single contribution, instead of just one with a traditional donation. 

We launched the CAF Social Impact Fund in July 2011 and since then contributors to the Fund have enabled us to help a wide range of charities. 

Here are some of the headline statistics from our first full year report.

  • We offered loans to 22 charities
  • We offered a total of £2.2m loans to charities
  • Six charities have already repaid us, meaning we can recycle their repayment to another great charity
  • £102,000 is our average loan size
  • No charity has defaulted on a loan
  • We’ve invested in a wide range of causes including:
    • international development 
    • homelessness
    • children and young people
    • elderly people
    • local communities
    • healthcare
    • environmental issues

Download our first full year report.

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