This survey of almost 9,000 Indians provides a robust and insightful view of the current giving landscape. In particular, the report shows how little of our generosity is channelled through the charities and not-for-profits that are best placed to work towards India’s overarching poverty alleviation priorities. 

We expect that this study will be of value to the broad spectrum of civil society organisations in India. I urge all those involved in philanthropy to work together to achieve the acceleration in giving that is so needed by the hungry, sick and elderly across our country.

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  • 84% of people donated money to an individual or an organisation in the past year.
  • 27% of people gave money to a charitable organisation.
  • 70% of donors prefer to donate direct to beneficiaries.
  • Personal experience is the number one driver for giving, cited by 70% of people.
  • People are also motivated to give by their upbringing, family values marking special occasions.
  • The biggest barrier to giving, cited by 32% of people, is not being able to afford to give.
  • The top five causes that Indians would like to give to in future are religion, disability, homelessness, the elderly and education.
  • 52% of donors believe that a ‘lack of transparency hinders donations to NGOs’.

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