We launched our Future of Philanthropy series, looking at what matters to young, wealthy givers. Plus, insight into 25 years of payroll giving.

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    The Sunday Times Giving List 2012

    As part of CAF's long standing partnership with The Sunday Times, we asked some of the UK's richest people about their motivations for giving.
  • world-150px

    World Giving Index 2012

    This is the third edition of the World Giving Index, the largest study into charitable behaviour across the globe, involving 160 countries in total.
  • mind the gap 150

    Mind the Gap

    Charitable giving by individuals has always played an important role and may become even more essential in the coming years. This report reveals that there could be trouble ahead if the younger generation fail to keep up levels of giving.
  • Future stars

    The future stars of philanthropy

    Find out what matters to young, wealthy givers - Y-Givers - and how their attitudes and influence may shape philanthropy in the future.

UK Giving 2018

Our UK Giving 2018 report reveals the latest insights into giving behaviour in the UK.

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