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The Sunday Times Rich List Survey 2012

How the ultra rich give

It’s notoriously difficult to get the views of the really rich, but really vital for the relationship between major supporters and charities to understand how and why they give.

We asked the Sunday Times Rich List

As part of our long standing partnership with The Sunday Times we had the opportunity to survey those who took part in the annual Sunday Times Rich List to probe their views about philanthropy:

Attitudes to giving

  • Nine out of ten ultra-high net worth donors are confident about the impact of their giving.
  • 81% think giving strategically is important.
  • 88% say they will only invest in charities who demonstrate their impact clearly. However, less than two-thirds of respondents (63) are satisfied with the impact reporting received from charities.
  • Considerable time is spent on researching charitable decisions but only 45% felt that the right advice was readily available for them.
  • Only a minority feel that government and corporates do enough for charity.

Motivations for giving

  • Personal values are the most important driving factor for motivating giving, at 98%.
  • 64% of the ultra-high net worths are motivated by the enjoyment they get from giving.
  • Peer or social pressure has very little bearing on the decision to give.

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