UK GIVING 2012-13


The UK Giving project has become a valuable source of information about levels of individual giving in the UK, how people give, and the causes they support. CAF is committed to continuing UK Giving reports, and making more information, insight and analysis available to charities, and all those who take an interest in the generosity of the UK.

New methodology

Throughout 2012 and 2013, CAF continued to track the level of charitable giving using the long-running UK Giving survey, whilst gradually transitioning to a new survey methodology. The enhanced survey will provide more regular insights on charitable giving trends, attitudes and issues impacting the sector. While building on the long-running series, it will continue to provide details of donations, methods of giving, causes and other information. We plan to publish the first full report from our enhanced work next year.

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Our analysis suggests an improving picture for giving in the UK in 2012/13.„

  • The proportion of people reporting that they donate to charitable causes in a typical month increased during 2012/13 to 57% - up from the 55% recorded in 2011/12, but not quite reaching the 2010/11 peak of 58% „
  • The estimated total amount donated to charity by adults in 2012/13 is £10.4 billion
  • Cash donations continued to be the most common method of giving, used by over half of donors in 2012/13, although direct debit accounted for the largest share of total donations „
  • Women continued to be more likely to give to charity than men (60% cf. 54%) „
  • As previously, ‘medical research’, ‘hospitals and hospices’ and ‘children and young people’ attracted the highest proportion of donors.

Proportion of adults in the UK giving to charity in a typical month, 2004/05 - 2012/13

adult giving 2004 2013


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