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Online Giving in India

Nearly 80% of the donations are still raised offline while online donations represent less than 10% of the total revenues amongst NGOs working in India, according to a research report titled ‘Online Giving in India – Insights to improve results’ by CAF India.

The research report also revealed that 20% of all giving in India will occur online within two years and 50% within 10 years, indicating a gradual but conservative increase in giving through online use in India, according to CAF India, which is committed to nurturing the culture of giving and has been devising innovative strategies to support companies with their strategic CSR investments.

Some of the other key findings of the report include :

  • Respondents pointed out that online donors are easier and less resource intensive to track, thank, keep informed and re-approach for future donations.
  • Two-thirds of our respondents indicated that in their view Indian NGOs are “not very well equipped” to take advantage of digital platforms to raise funds.
  • The ability to measure and track a campaign and its results is far more precise for online fundraising activities than for offline ones.
  • They’re actively exploring the use of email fundraising, ad-words, Facebook lead generation and crowdfunding.

Download the report Online Giving in India

For more details, visit the CAF India website or contact Sangeeta S. Thakral, Head of Communication and Marketing on + 9999093684 or by email at Sangeeta.thakral@cafindia.org.

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