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Do As I Say, Not As I Do; UK policy and the global closing space for civil society

25 January 2017

An independent civil society is an essential part of any modern democracy. Civil society organisations play an integral role in every corner of the globe, not least in the UK where their contribution to civic life has had a profound impact on our nation’s history. 

However, a number of recent policies introduced in the UK have led to criticism from civil society organisations, who fear that their independence and ability to act as advocates for their beneficiaries is under attack.  

This report, 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do', explores recent policy developments affecting the advocacy function of civil society organisations in the UK as well as the nature of the UK's soft power and the different ways in which it can be wielded.

Originally published in April 2016, this report has been updated in January 2017 ahead of a Westminster Hall debate on ‘Protecting Civil Society Space Across the World’.

View and download the updated report 'Do As I Say, Not As i Do; UK policy and the global closing space for civil society'.

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