2016 publications

Evaluating the Impact of Mondelez' Behealthy Programme in Russia

This report evaluates the social impact of the BeHealthy Charitable Programme funded by Mondelez International Foundation using (SROI) methodology. It also provides conclusions and recommendations aimed at increasing social impact created by the Programme.

The analysis not only proved that the Programme aimed at teaching primary school children the basics of healthy nutrition and lifestyle was achieving the expected outcomes (increase in the children’s vitality and social development), it also had unexpected positive outcomes of increased children’s autonomy and self-esteem. Overall, the analysis showed that for every ruble invested, the BeHealthy programme produced up to 5 rubles in social value. In addition, the Programme produced considerable social value for the parents and teachers involved.

SROI is a principles-based  impact measurement approach that looks at three types of value – economic, environmental and social and uses monetary units to convey value. This allows not only measuring the impact produced by a social intervention but also comparing it with the amount invested to produce an ROI ratio.

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