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CAF's publications encompass world class research on UK and international giving trends, philanthropy insight and comment from our Giving Thought think tank and reports from our Campaigns and Public Affairs team.
  • Blockchain and the decentralisation of charity

    Blockchain, DAOs and the future decentralisation of charity

    Decentralising technologies such as blockchain could radically transform philanthropy and the way we think about the structure of charitable organisations.
  • CAF UK Giving how donors give

    CAF UK Giving 2017

    CAF UK Giving is the definitive account of how people in the UK support good causes. It looks at individual donations and gives an insight into who gives to charity, what causes they support and how they like to support them.
  • When Size Matters CAF Russia

    When size matters

    This report, produced by CAF Russia, explores the phenomenon of community foundations in small towns and rural areas of Russia known collectively as ‘rural funds‘.
  • Social Landscape how economy affects charity

    Social Landscape 2017 from CAF Research

    Rising demand and an increasingly tough financial environment may be pushing some organisations to breaking point.
  • Do As I Say Advocacy in Civil Society

    Do As I Say, Not As I Do; UK policy and the global closing space for civil society

    This report explores recent policy developments affecting the advocacy function of civil society organisations in the UK as well as the nature of the UK's soft power and the different ways in which it can be wielded.

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