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An overview of charitable giving in the UK


UK Giving 2018 reveals who gives to good causes, how people give and which charities are most likely to receive support.

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The 2019 edition of UK Giving is now available to download.


UK Giving is the largest study of giving behaviour in the UK. This year’s report is bigger and better with over 12,000 people interviewed across the UK in 2017, allowing us to look in more detail than ever before at patterns of giving.


The key findings for individual giving in the UK in 2017 are:

  • The total amount given to charity increased to £10.3 billion – however, this is driven by fewer people giving more.
  • The number of people who gave to charity either via donations or sponsoring someone in 2017 decreased from the previous year – led by the decrease in sponsorship.
  • November and December were the peak months for donations to charity whilst June was the peak month for sponsoring someone. 
  • People continued to sign petitions and take part in public demonstrations in 2017 at the high levels seen for the first time in 2016.
  • Despite innovation in charitable giving over the years, cash remains the main way in which people give, although the level has decreased slightly in 2017.
  • Women remain more likely than men to participate in charitable and social activity though the gap is widening rather than narrowing between the two groups.
  • Trust in charity remains an issue with no movement since 2016, with 50% agreeing that charities are trustworthy. Men in particular are most likely to disagree that charities are trustworthy. 
UK Giving 2018 infographic


In addition to our annual survey, each month we ask more than 1000 UK adults about their giving behaviour and attitudes towards charities, with a focus on latest news and trends. The results are published as an infographic and published online and available free via email. Subscribe to receive our free monthly UK Giving infographic.

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