Charitable giving: the cost-of-living crisis holds back generosity in 2022

The largest study of giving behaviour in the UK 

The UK Giving Report tells the story of giving in 2022: the UK public’s generosity in response to the invasion of Ukraine in the first half of the year and of the impact of the subsequent cost-of-living crisis. And, worryingly, it suggests that levels of some charitable activity remain supressed from the pandemic.

March and April saw spikes in donations that helped to make 2022 the most generous year on record for giving with an estimated £12.7 billion in donations, up £2 billion on 2021. However, analysis by Pro Bono Economics suggests that inflation may have eroded the value of this generosity by more than £500 million*.

The UK Giving Report 2023 is our long-running study of the people’s giving habits and trends in the charitable landscape for the whole of 2022. It is based on monthly interviews conducted online with 13,140 individuals.

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Key findings: what did we learn? 

People in the UK gave
£12.7 billion to charity in 2022

A substantial increase from £10.7 billion in 2021

Giving has still not recovered to pre-pandemic levels

Donation levels in 2022 were similar to those seen in 2021

Volunteering levels have seen a sustained decline

Volunteer numbers are down
1.6 million compared to five years ago

The cost-of-living crisis is impacting charitable giving

A quarter of people said they had changed their charitable behaviours, or were considering doing so

Animal welfare remains the most popular cause

Animal causes received 10% of the total £12.7 billion, with older donors most likely to support them

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Our research and insight programme is focused on increasing understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy in the UK and internationally. Our latest Charity Resilience Index reveals the challenges UK charities are currently facing.

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