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Published annually, the CAF UK Giving Report is the largest study of giving behaviour. Here are some of the key findings from our 2018 report:

  • total amount given to charity increased to £10.3 billion – however, this is driven by fewer people giving more
  • number of people who gave to charity either via donations or sponsoring someone in 2017 decreased from the previous year – led by the decrease in sponsorship
  • November and December were the peak months for donations to charity whilst June was the peak month for sponsoring someone
  • people continued to sign petitions and take part in public demonstrations in 2017 at the high levels seen for the first time in 2016.
CAF UK Giving 2018 Report

Public perceptions of small charities

To support Small Charity Week (18-23 June), we conducted research on public perceptions of small charities and the work they do. A nationally representative sample of people were asked a series of questions in order to measure levels of public awareness and their perceived impact.


Each month we ask more than 1000 UK adults about their giving behaviour and attitudes towards charites. Our infographics show how people give to charity, the causes they support and the amount of money they give.

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  • Baking for charity

    Baking for charity

    For this month's research we asked people about baking for charity. We found out how popular it is, the average amount raised by a bake sale, and much more.
  • Place-based giving

    Place-based giving

    The government's recently-published Civil Society Strategy made "place" one of its five key themes. So for this month's research with UK donors we explored this theme and asked for their views on place-based giving.
  • Trust in the charity sector

    Trust in the charity sector

    Public trust in charities has been thrown into sharp focus in recent months. Over the last year we've been tracking trust in the charity sector month by month and our latest infographic shows how the public's trust in charities is responding.


UK Giving

£18 is the median average contribution for a charitable donation or sponsorship.

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UK Giving 2015

Two in three people (67%) have given to charity in the last year.

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Women running for charity CAF

UK Giving 2014

Eight out of ten people participated in at least one charitable giving or social action activity.

Read the 2014 report

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