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Can charities bring the country back together?

The UK is split. That's been the overwhelming message since the EU referendum in 2016. But we know that regardless of how they voted, most people in the UK think it is important that we help others.

So for August's UK Giving infographic we asked the public if they thought charities could play a role in bringing the country back together.

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Each month we ask more than 1000 UK adults about their giving behaviour and their thoughts on current charity issues. We publish our findings as a free infographic.  Sign up to receive our latest research by email.

  • bungee jumper thumbnail

    What young people would do for charity

    Three quarters of 16-24 year olds would do something daring for charity. But what would they do for a good cause? And just how daring are they?
  • students sitting on grass

    Students and social responsibility

    In this infographic we look at how the UK's students get involved in social responsibility.
  • Christmas present wrapped in red ribbons

    Giving in Christmas

    For this month's research we look at what drives people when it comes to giving to charity this Christmas, as well as how many of us are willing to give up a present to donating to charity instead.
  • Thomson Reuters Giving Tuesday case study 150x150

    Giving Tuesday

    For this month's insight into UK giving we're sharing with you the stats that show just how many people get involved in this worldwide day of giving.
  • Baking for charity

    Baking for charity

    For this month's research we asked people about baking for charity. We found out how popular it is, the average amount raised by a bake sale, and much more.


Published annually, the CAF UK Giving Report is the largest study of giving behaviour. Here are some of the key findings from our 2019 report:

  • The proportion of people giving money to charity either by donating or via sponsorship has seen a steady decline between 2016 and 2018.
  • Trust in charities has decreased significantly since 2016.
  • Fewer people report that they are giving money, those who do give are giving higher amounts. 
  • Overall, the total amount given to charity in 2018 remains largely the same as 2017 at £10.1 billion.
  • The number of people taking part in charitable activities has decreased.
  • In 2018 children/young people and animal welfare are join most popular causes.
Discover top months for giving, who is being asked to give and how many people are volunteering in the report.  
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UK Giving 2018

Find out who gives to good causes, how people give and which charities are most likely to receive support.

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UK Giving

£18 is the median average contribution for a charitable donation or sponsorship.

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Box of donations with toys clothes food items CAF

UK Giving 2015

Two in three people (67%) have given to charity in the last year.

Read the 2015 report

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