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2023 publications

Our 2023 research offers insights into giving in the UK and around the world.

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2022 publications

From local to international giving and civil society, our 2022 CAF publications give a unique insight into the charity world.

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2021 publications

Our 2021 publications give independent insight and informed comment on giving, charities and not for profit organisations across the world.

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2020 publications

Our 2020 research offers unique insight into philanthropy across the world, from local giving in the UK, to country studies and the CAF World Giving Index.

Our research and policy papers published in 2020

latest publications

  • Ireland Giving

    Charitable giving in Ireland

    Our Ireland Giving report shares insight into charitable giving in Ireland. Take a look to find out who gives, what they give to and how they give.
  • CAF report growing giving in South Africa 2020 150

    South Africa Giving 2020

    Our research into individual giving and civil society sustainability in South Africa, goes further to identify the roadblocks and the opportunities to growing giving in the region.
  • giving in kenya uganda tanzania 2020 Kut woman in blue 150

    Growing giving in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

    Published in February 2020, our research into giving cultures across three unique African countries delves into the obstacles and opportunities for growing charitable giving.
  • Person listening

    Listening for the future

    This report explores how small charities listen and respond to feedback. It shares ways they can improve their feedback processes, and includes advice for funders who wish to support small charities.