Corporate giving by FTSE 100 businesses has dropped by 26% in a decade

Through all the challenges of the last few years, the FTSE 100 has performed strongly. Between 2016 and 2022, the cumulative revenues of FTSE 100 companies are up by 12% from £1.54 trillion to £1.72 trillion, while cumulative profits have nearly trebled.

And yet, total charitable donations by the FTSE 100 have remained unchanged since 2016.

Our report shows in 2022 the FTSE 100 gave £1.85 billion to charities, the same as in 2016 (when the analysis was last carried out). This is significantly less than the £2.51 billion they gave a decade ago. Taking into account increases in inflation during this period, this represents a decline of 17% in real terms.

Our latest research includes: sector specific trends, responses to Covid-19, the impact of inflation and public perceptions of giving by the FTSE 100. We highlight companies leading the way and explore recommendations for businesses and policymakers on how the corporate world can show a consistent commitment to society.
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"The role of FTSE 100 businesses in leading a purposeful corporate culture is vital. It is brilliant that a quarter of the UK's top hundred listed companies are setting an example by committing to the best practice of donating at least 1% to good causes. But more can and should be done, especially now as household incomes are squeezed and charity finances are strained due to the cost-of-living crisis."

Neil Heslop OBE, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation