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Our research and insight programme is focussed on investigating and increasing understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy.

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About our research and insight

We focus on investigating and increasing understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy.  Our work influences the decisions of charities, companies, donors, policy-makers, researchers and journalists worldwide and is free to download and share. We also publish data on CAF's Covid-19 Emergency Grant Fund and plan to grow our data sharing.

Among the trends we explore are the changing finances of charities, patterns of individual giving, use of Gift Aid and other tax-effective giving methods, corporate social responsibility strategies, and trends in philanthropy.  We have an extensive list of publications covering a broad range of topics across the charitable sector.

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Our latest insight

UK Giving during Covid-19: A special report

Despite Covid-19, giving remains in line with previous years but restricted in-person fundraising takes toll on some key causes.

UK Giving is the largest multi-year study of giving behaviour in the UK. This special report is based on research conducted between January and August 2020, it includes responses from more than 9,000 people across the country. The report sets out the impact that the pandemic has had so far on people’s giving behaviours, and the outlook for the coming months.

Read our special report on UK Giving

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Covid-19: The effect on global civil society

Since May this year, CAF has been surveying charities across Australia, Brazil, India and South Africa to understand how they have been responding to and coping with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our questions include how long charities can survive without support, if their government's response has helped, and how they have adapted to the crisis,

This research can contribute to global discussion about the impact of the pandemic on the third sector and what policy and support is needed to help charities survive and thrive.

Read about the global impact of Covid-19
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Regional Giving

CAF World Giving Index

International Giving

Our annual World Giving Index, individual Country Giving reports and Beyond Integrity corporate research provide a unique insight into global generosity and the challenges facing civil society.

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Giving in the UK

Discover insight into donor behaviour, key issues affecting charities and responses to significant UK events

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In the spotlight

Our research is free to read and download. If you have any questions, please get in touch.
CAF Kenya Giving 2020 irh

Growing Giving in Kenya 2020

CAF's in depth report into Kenya's rich giving culture identifies both the opportunities and roadblocks to growing individual charitable giving in the region.

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Covid-19: What it means for giving

During the crisis CAF's research team has been monitoring public reactions to charitable giving as well as talking to charities about their concerns.

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charity-landscape-2020 report

2020 Charity Landscape report

Charity leaders reveal the challenges and opportunities they're facing in this unique year.

Read our 2020 report

Research and insight blog

Our blog provides expert insight and commentary around our charities and giving research programme.  All of our research is free to read, download and share.

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Our research and insight programme is focussed on investigating and increasing understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy.

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