Shape a better future through your charitable giving

Giving is a personal thing and we each have our own motivations that drive which charitable causes we donate to and why. Our CAF Charity Account is designed to help you channel your giving towards the social progress you want to see.

In 2021/22 £110.4 million was given from CAF Charity Accounts to charitable causes.
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Give effectively to charity

One place for all your giving. Top up your account at any time or fund it via a direct debit from your bank account so you’ve always got money available for your charitable giving.

Just one gift aid declaration. Tell us if you’re a UK taxpayer and we’ll claim Gift Aid for you. You’ll then get an extra 25p added for every £1 you pay into your account.

Be confident in giving to charity. We verify and check your chosen charity is legitimate before we send them your donation.

Give to causes that matter to you

Donate spontaneously to charities and major fundraising appeals, sponsor friends, or set up standing orders to give regularly to causes you’re passionate about.

With your CAF Charity Account you’re in control of how you give. You can also choose to give anonymously and decide which charities you want to hear from.

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Give and donate with purpose

Understanding how much you give to charity and to which causes can help you have more impact with your charitable giving.

With your CAF Charity Account you can sign in online to track your donation history, check your balance and give with greater purpose.

“It is so easy and is a good way to give charitable donations.”

Ready to open your charity account?

It only takes five minutes to apply online, but before you do please take some time to:

  1. Decide how to fund the account. To open your account you’ll need to make a one off payment of £100 or more, or set up a Direct Debit of at least £10 a month
  2. Learn more about the account features by reading our Charity Account brochure
  3. Read the Schedule of Charges and the Terms and Conditions.
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer to your question talk to our customer service team.

  • How do I know that my donations are going to valid charities?
    Before we send your donation to an organisation, we check to make sure that it’s charitable. That way you can rest assured that your money will be used to make a difference.

    Read about how we verify charities
  • How long does it take to open a CAF Charity Account?

    It will take about five minutes to complete the online application form. Once we receive your application it usually takes around 3-5 working days to open your CAF Charity Account. We’ll be in touch if we need any further information.

  • What checks do you carry out before I can open a CAF Charity Account?
    When we process your application for a CAF Charity Account we carry out an electronic check to verify your details which doesn’t affect your credit rating. In some cases, we may need to contact you for further information.
  • What charges are there for a CAF Charity Account?
    Please refer to the Schedule of Charges.