Dina joined CAF in 2014 having worked for specialist private bank, Duncan Lawrie, for 33 years. She has extensive experience in the management of payments, lending, banking and foreign currency operations during her career.

In 2013/14, Dina was appointed as a Director, and represented member banks on the board of Europe’s largest payment provider, serving on strategic committees considering the future of payments and new card and payment technologies.

Dina is responsible for delivering CAF Bank’s operating plan, business development and business continuity, and ensuring that the bank offers a first-class banking service to charities. Her skills as a highly motivated business developer and client services-orientated executive help CAF Bank customers achieve more, and further their cause.

Dina has always focused on offering the best customer service possible, and encourages her colleagues to have the same ethos. She makes a point of understanding all operational areas and providing answers to problems where needed.

Off the clock: Dina is always striving for change and innovation, and sets herself a goal to learn something new every day. She enjoys gardening, walking and meeting people. Plus, she likes to talk, and enjoys listening to people.



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CAF Bank Limited Registered office is 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4JQ. Registered in England and Wales under number 1837656.