Gillian is accountable for the oversight of CAF Bank’s IT services. This includes making sure customers have a positive experience with our IT solutions, and being responsible for appropriate IT service availability and risk management, IT change and the delivery of new functionality to our customers and colleagues.

Gillian understands the importance of turning previously difficult, laborious, and time consuming processes into background tasks. So that organisations can focus their efforts where they matter most. She is excited to play a key role in a huge transformation that is taking place at CAF Bank in regard to this.

Her expertise lies in translating technology matters to the business – so the bank can prioritise effectively, and keep our services as secure as possible.

Gillian was previously the CIO of M&S Bank. Before that, she undertook a range of IT leadership roles within HSBC in the UK, Asia and South America. Her experience comprises of IT operations, project management, relationship management and software performance testing, as well as leading teams delivering large scale infrastructure projects and transformation projects to new target operating models.

Off the clock: Gillian volunteers as a coach with Teach First.