Fight back against cyber criminals 

Imagine a criminal was able to log into your charity’s bank account. It doesn’t bear thinking about how much damage they could do.

Passwords offer some protection; but what if a criminal managed to guess your password? The good news is that you can stop crime in its tracks, thanks to UniqueCode.

This secure system protects you each time you:

  • Log in to CAF Bank Online
  • View or change your online banking details
  • Manage your online users
  • Authorise a payment

We’ll prompt you to register for UniqueCode when you first log in. It’s easy: all you need is a mobile phone.


How UniqueCode works

When we ask you for a code, just open the UniqueCode app on your phone.

It’s quick and easy – you don’t even need a mobile phone signal or internet connection. If you prefer, we can send your codes by text message instead. However, the UniqueCode app is faster and more secure.

The UniqueCode app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. 

For full instructions, take a look at page 10 of our
Online banking user guide.

Visit the App Store     Visit Google Play 

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