Paying in cash

To pay in sterling cash at the Post Office, you will need to use our new barcoded paying-in book, which can be ordered online, for details please refer to our Common Questions section below. Take your completed barcoded slip from your paying-in book and present this and your cash to the cashier.

Below is the maximum the Post Office will accept but please be aware that individual Post Offices may have lower limits and cut off times. Check with your local Post Office for more details.

  • The minimum amount which can be deposited is £10
  • The maximum that may be credited (including notes) is £5,500 per day

  • A maximum of £250 can be deposited in coins in a single transaction
    • Coins will only be accepted by denomination in coin bags
    • Coin denominations below £1 (1p - 50p) - only full bags will be accepted
    • £1 and £2 coins below the full bag amount will be accepted

  • All notes to be grouped by denomination
    • £5 notes to be bundled in a maximum of £500 multiples
    • £10 & £20 notes to be bundled in a maximum of £500 or £1,000 multiples
    • £50 notes to be bundled in a maximum of £2,500 bundles
  • Part bundles will be accepted split by denomination

You can locate your nearest Post Office and check their opening times using this handy Post Office branch finder.

Paying in cheques

To pay in sterling cheques at the Post Office you will need to use a CAF Bank cheque envelope, a batch of envelopes can be requested by contacting us on our number below. You will need to include a paying-in slip with the cheques, multiple cheques can be placed in each envelope – remember to seal it closed.

You can also pay in cheques at:



Please refer to our Tariff of Charges, as charges apply if your account is credited more than £2000 cash within a calendar month.

When will the funds arrive in my account?


Paying in cash

  • Cash paid in using a paying-in slip will be credited to your CAF Bank account when we receive funds from the Post Office. This will usually be up to two working days, if paid in before the Post Office cut off time. If the cut off time is missed, this will be three working days.
  • Please make sure your paying-in slips include a barcode. If your paying-in slips do not contain a barcode you will not be able to pay in cash at the Post Office. Details on how to order a barcoded paying-in book are in the Common Questions section below.

Paying in cheques

  • Depositing cheques at the Post Office may take up to 5 working days to be credited to your account.