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Hubbub, uses a positive, sociable and collaborative approach to communicate the importance of environmental issues, focusing on four themes: food, fashion, homes and neighbourhood to inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not help save money and bring people together. CAF Venturesome made our first unsecured loan of £52,000 to Hubbub in 2015, when we helped the charity’s growth by enabling it to invest in a new website and an impact measurement framework. 

Later in 2016 we provided Hubbub with a £100,000 unsecured loan, designed to enable it to invest in its social media activities.   Both loans have been repaid and we are now supporting Hubbub with a standby facility of £100,000 to enable them to invest in growth.

Hubbub is building a movement to engage large numbers of people across the country in environmental issues to bring awareness, and most importantly, behaviour change into the mainstream.  They base their campaigns on research and insights from across the UK and the world, and measure everything they do so they know what delivers a tangible, positive impact. 

Through high profile partnerships they have: redistributed 52,000 items of outgrown baby clothing to families via Mothercare as part of the Gift A Bundle campaign; collected and recycled 5m coffee cups as part of the Square Mile Challenge, opened 50 Community Fridges in the UK, each redistributing approximately 525kg surplus food per month.

Hubbub's plastic fishing boat to cut litter in our waterways


Their hope is that they create the spark and provide tools for people to do things differently so others can latch on to successful campaigns that can go on to have a life of their own.

CAF Venturesome’s loan enabled Hubbub to invest in their social media capabilities and increase their income and impact. The development of a clear social enterprise model has allowed Hubbub to become more financially resilient and strengthen its social impact.  

The impact of our social investment has meant that Hubbub has:

  • delivered 56 campaigns
  • partnered with over 700 organisations
  • transformed the lifestyle of 2,122 people
  • engaged 140,508 people in behavioural change
  • inspired 15.1 million people to think differently about environmental issues
  • generated a media reach of 1.415 billion
  • created a vlog which has 3,613 subscribers with over 2.7 million views
“CAF Venturesome is one of the few funders Hubbub could turn to for investment funding for this project.  Their team took time to understand exactly what we were trying to achieve, they challenged assumptions and helped us refine our thinking and approach.  As a result we have a stronger concept and will work with the CAF Venturesome team to ensure we deliver wider societal impact and financial return.”

Trewin Restorick, CEO/Founder, Hubbub
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