Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS)

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In Sub-Saharan Africa, just one in four children has access to secondary education, with girls and poorer students often failing to continue to their studies. PEAS was set up to change this by creating a world where all children enjoy an education that unlocks their full potential. In 2016, CAF Venturesome offered a part loan/part standby facility of £240,000 to PEAS, enabling it to sustain and grow its impact, expanding its schools network to cater for 25,000 children by 2019.

53% of PEAS students are girls

PEAS is one of the leading providers of non-state secondary education in Africa. It uses international fundraising for the costs of building new schools, and an innovative partnership with the Ugandan government to cover its operating expenses. This makes tuition highly affordable, enabling the poorest children in Uganda to study at PEAS schools. All PEAS schools are non-selective, inclusive and have a specific focus on enrolling over 50% girls.


The social investment from CAF Venturesome protected their cash position through a period of uncertain funding.  It allowed PEAS to make long-term investment decisions which allowed them to concentrate on scaling up their social impact.

PEAS has not only achieved scale – educating 15,500 students in 31 schools in Uganda and Zambia – but also quality: the organisation enables disproportionately vulnerable students (53% of whom are girls/60% from the poorest households) to achieve grades above the national average.  Its schools are ranked in the top 25% of secondary schools in Uganda, providing high-quality support to school leaders and teachers to make sure students are safe, happy and learning.

To widen their impact, they share what they’ve learnt to help others build and run great schools. This includes helping others to adapt their processes by sharing experiences.


CAF Venturesome offers social investment loans to small and medium-sized organisations that carry out vital work in many countries around the world as long as the organisation is based in the UK.

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