Looking to make the most of your Christmas campaign this year? CAF Donate is on hand to help add a little seasonal magic to your fundraising.

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... and it's time to start putting the finishing touches to your Christmas fundraising plans.

If you're not sure where to start and need a bit of inspiration, we've put together a quick and easy guide to help add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas campaign.

And with CAF Donate, it couldn't be simpler to have a very happy holiday season.


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We've made a list and checked it twice ... so read on for our top tips to help make your Christmas campaign one to remember.

1    Begin with the basics

What are your objectives and who is your target audience? Think about what a successful campaign looks like, then plan the steps needed to make it happen.

Putting the basic building blocks of your campaign together will help you to shape the key messages you want to put across and the creative concept for your Christmas campaign.

2     Set up your campaign

Once you know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there, it’s time to put your campaign together.

With CAF Donate, your supporters can make donations directly through your charity’s website. It's quick and easy for you to set up and provides a range of donation options for your donors to make it super convenient.  You can even tell them the impact their donation will make.

See our donation journey in action.

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3     Spread the word

Be sure to tell supporters about your Christmas campaign to help get those donations pouring in. Make sure your emails include a link back to the campaign page you set up with CAF Donate.

To get the most from donations on social media, here are our top three social media trends you can include in your strategy. And don’t forget to add a donation button on your charity’s Facebook page - you can do this quickly and easily with CAF Donate.

Finally, make sure to put together a content calendar to keep on top of all your communications. For tips on how to do this, check out our blog by expert, Matt Collins.

4     Measure your results

Keep on top of your campaign's performance with regular reporting.  CAF Donate Payment Reports and donation data gives you detailed insights about your donors - how much they are giving, which devices they are using and how often.  Use this information to find out which donation channels work best for your organisation to give a boost to your future campaigns.

5     Gift that keeps on giving

Say 'thank you'. Nothing boosts donor loyalty more than showing appreciation and the impact of your donor's support. 

With CAF Donate you can set up a personalised thank you message for your campaign supporters to make sure your Christmas campaign ends on a high.

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CAF Donate can help you drive donations this Christmas with a cracker of a campaign

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