With so many online donation processing platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one to suit your charity’s needs.

CAF Donate has helped more than 2,000 charities raise over £70 million in the last three years through simple, cost-effective and efficient donation processing.

So if you’re shopping around for a platform to help you achieve your fundraising goals, you should put CAF Donate in your basket.

Here are five reasons why:

1     It’s low cost

We understand charities want to get the most from their donations without paying  high prices for processing them.

That’s why unlike other donation platforms, there are no sign up costs or monthly fees to use CAF Donate. Simply pay a small fee on just the donations you receive through the platform.

Setting up Direct Debits with CAF Donate is just as cost-effective. Just pay a one-off, set-up fee of no more than £1.50 and a 2% collection fee for any donations you receive. We also cap fees at £5 for Direct Debits over £250, so you can get more of your donation money for less.

Take a look at our pricing.

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2     It’s so easy

Whether donations are made online, by phone or post, keeping track of them all can be an administrative nightmare.

CAF Donate does the hard work in pulling all your donation information in one place, so you can focus your efforts on what really matters.

You can also create customised donation pages for your fundraising campaigns in just minutes – no technical knowledge required.

3     It can strengthen donor relations

Understanding your donors is the first step to successful fundraising. That’s why our Payment Reports allow you to gain vital data and insights into your donors so you can target your fundraising campaigns to reach the right people, every time.

You can even use CAF Donate to say 'thank you' to your supporters, helping you strengthen your charity's relationship with your donors.

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4     It supports many ways of giving

In a digital world, having a range of donating options for donors is a must for charities.  

CAF Donate accepts payments made via credit and debit card, Direct Debits, CAF Account and PayPal – giving donors the choice to give how they like, when they like.

5     It’s safe and secure

Lastly, we know that there is nothing more important for charities than being trusted by donors.

CAF Donate is PCI compliant. We will ensure that donor information is protected and donations are processed safely and securely – so donors can give to you with confidence, every time.

So if your charity is looking for an easy-to-use donation platform where you get more from your donations, sign up to CAF Donate and move a step closer to achieving your fundraising goals.

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