How CAF Donate compares to BT MyDonate

If your charity used BT MyDonate you’ll know that the fundraising platform closed on 30 June 2019.

Online fundraising is essential for charities. So if you're looking for an alternative platform take a look at our own one, CAF Donate. It’s used by more than 4,500 charities.

Comparing the Fees

Sign-up fees

Like BT MyDonate, it’s free to sign up to CAF Donate and there are no monthly fees.

Donation fees

Many charities used BT MyDonate because they didn’t charge a fee on donations. Unfortunately we can’t compete with that. We do charge a small fee on each donation but you can be assured that we keep these to a minimum.

And if your charity has a CAF Cash account with CAF Bank you get a discount on the fee.

How we use fees

We’re a charity like you. We put any surplus we make towards our mission to make giving count. And we support the sector by producing vital research, including CAF UK Giving and the CAF World Giving Index, and champion the impact of charities through our campaigns and policy work.

Fundraising tools

CAF Donate has all the fundraising tools you’d expect from an online donation platform. You can:

Also, with CAF Donate you can process donations you get in person, through the post or over the phone. And if you receive CAF Charity Vouchers from our donors you can process them yourself.

Support and advice

At CAF we’re all about making giving count. Our CAF Donate users each receive our regular Fundraising Round-up which is full of tips and advice to help you increase the success of your campaigns.

Plus our friendly support team are always available to help. They’re based in our Kent office and are available online or via the phone. If you’ve got a question about moving over to CAF Donate from BT MyDonate give them a call on 03000 123 000.

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Can unregistered or exempt charities use CAF Donate?

Yes. Unregistered or exempt charities such as churches and societies can use CAF Donate. Your information can be entered manually under the charity details on the application page.

Why does CAF Donate offer Direct Debits?

One of the benefits of CAF Donate is that our regular payment method is by Direct Debit. The Direct Debit guarantee provides donors with the confidence that if money is taken in error, they can receive a full and immediate refund from the bank and not the charity. This adds an extra layer of trust and security when a donor gifts a donation to your charity.

When will I receive my donations?

CAF process donations daily. Donations will reach your charity within 5 working days.

GiftAid processing can take slightly longer and depends on HRMC. This is comparable to BT MyDonate. JustGiving’s free (no platform costs) starter plan can take up to a month for a charity to receive donations.

Does CAF Donate offer event management/ticketing?

This is currently not a feature in CAF Donate.

We now have a number of people who donate on a monthly basis, which for a tiny organisation makes a big difference

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