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No set up fees

It's completely free to sign up.

no monthly charges

We believe you shouldn't pay for a platform when you're not using it. Simply pay a small fee on the donations you process.

low cost processing

Our processing fees are kept to a minimum, because as a charity ourselves, we know every penny counts.

Gift aid reclaim

We reclaim and process Gift Aid weekly, not monthly like other platforms, so you can get donations quicker.

How we compare to other providers 

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CAF Donate, Just Giving, Virgin Money Giving and Charity Checkout  price comparison chart

What makes CAF Donate different?

Set up Direct Debits

Unlike other donation platforms, CAF Donate is a Bacs accredited Direct Debits facilities management provider. This means donors can set up regular payments with Direct Debits instead of recurring card payments.

Find out why this matters

Postal and phone donations

Not all fundraising is done online. That's why CAF Donate allows you to process offline donations from telephone fundraising and direct mail campaigns. 

Accept CAF Charity Account donations

This means you don't have to miss out on donations from our generous CAF Charity Account users. 

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