Keep track of your Zakat, fidya and fitrana donations

It can be difficult keeping track of the different types of donations that come flooding in during Ramadan.  With CAF Donate you can set up multiple online donation pages. This means you can have different pages for Zakat, Fidya and other special donations.

Why choose CAF Donate?

No monthly fees

No set up fees or monthly charges

It's free to sign up to CAF Donate, and unlike other donation platforms, there are no subscription fees. You pay a small fee on the donations you process. 

multiple donation pages

Set up multiple campaigns

Create donation pages for specific Ramadan projects, or to collect different donation types, such as Sadaqah, Zakat, Fidya and Fitrana. Add the pages to your website so donors can give to you online.


gift aid

Gift Aid reclaim

We can reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf. Unlike other platforms we process Gift Aid weekly, so you can get your donations quicker.

happy muslim women hugging each other on Eid


Manage Ramadan donations with ease

Keep track of Zakat, Fidya and Fitrana donations in one place.

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