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We're a charity and for more than 90 years we've been helping charities like yours to do more good. We understand the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis – that's why everything we do is designed with charities in mind. 

Grow your income with our fundraising platform, CAF Donate. You'll get the tools, help and support you need to raise more funds and make a bigger impact. Plus any surplus we make from our fees is reinvested in our mission to make giving count.

Reach more donors

Taking donations online is essential for charities. With CAF Donate you can create branded online donation pages and buttons and easily add them to your website, emails and Facebook pages.

Process your donations securely

CAF Donate is PCI and GDPR compliant. Which means that we ensure your donor’s information is protected and that their donations are processed safely and securely – so they can give to you with confidence, every time.

Plus your donors are your donors, not ours. Where supporters have given their consent, you'll have access to their data.

Only pay fees on the donations you receive

It doesn't cost you a penny to create an account and there are no fixed monthly charges. Plus it's free to manage and self process CAF donations, including CAF Charity Vouchers and CAF CharityCards.

You only pay a small fee on the PayPal, card and direct debit donations you receive. Any surplus we make from our fees is reinvested in our mission to make giving count.


CAF Donate collect donations online

Collect donations online

You can quickly set up online donation pages or ‘Donate now’ buttons for your fundraising campaigns and add them to your charity’s website, Facebook page, or emails.

Find out more about setting up donation pages
CAF convenient ways to donate

Convenient ways to donate

CAF Donate accepts donations via Direct Debits, credit and debit cards, and PayPal. It also allows you to quickly process CAF Vouchers and CAF CharityCards.

CAF Donate, process offline donations

Process offline donations

In addition to online donations, with CAF Donate you can collect and process offline donations made via the phone or by post.

Find out more about processing offline donations
CAF tax effective giving managing Gift Aid

Manage Gift Aid

It's easy for your donors to Gift Aid their donations – no matter how large or small. We can also reduce your admin by reclaiming Gift Aid on your behalf.

Find out more about managing Gift Aid
CAF accept direct debit donations

Accept Direct Debits

It's easy to accept Direct Debits so you can turn one-off donations into regular income.

Find out more about accepting Direct Debits
CAF in-depth reports and insights

Reports and insights

You’ll have access to in-depth reports about your campaigns, donors and donations. You can easily download this information and upload it to your own CRM system.

We now have a number of people who donate on a monthly basis, which for a tiny organisation makes a big difference

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It’s free to sign up to CAF Donate and there are no monthly fees. You'll only pay a small transaction fee on the donations you receive.

Credit card, debit card and PayPal donations

Transaction fee of 3.6% of the total donation (including Gift Aid) or 3.0% if your charity has a CAF Cash account.

Direct Debits

The transaction fee for Direct Debits is 2.0% of the total donation (capped at £5 per donation).

There is also a one-off set up fee for Direct Debits. This is either £1.00 or £1.50 depending on whether you opt for email or paper confirmations to be sent to your donors.

CAF Voucher and CAF CharityCard donations

If your charity receives CAF Vouchers or CAF CharityCard donations you can process these yourself using CAF Donate free of charge.


Example credit, debit or PayPal donation

Donation £10.00  
plus Gift Aid £2.50
Total donation £12.50
minus 3.6% fee £0.45
Total received by your charity £12.05


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about CAF Donate. 

  • How to apply for CAF Donate
    You'll first need to sign up for our reporting tool, CAF Charity Dashboard. Once you've signed up for this you can log into your CAF Charity Dashboard and upgrade to CAF Donate.

    It's easy to apply for CAF Charity Dashboard.

    Step 1: Sign up online for CAF Charity Dashboard.

    Step 2: We’ll send you an email to activate your login details. At the same time we will be in touch with a registered contact at your charity (usually by email) to make sure you are able to accept terms and conditions on behalf of your charity.

    Step 3: As soon as the contact at your charity gives the green light you will get an email from us to let you know you are good to go.

    Upgrading to CAF Donate

    Upgrading to CAF Donate is really simple. Log in to your CAF Charity Dashboard and click on the ‘Upgrade’ button on your homepage. You need to decide whether you would like CAF to manage Gift Aid on your behalf and provide us with the names, addresses and dates of birth of your trustees.

  • Why you need to provide details of your charity’s Trustees
    As well as being a registered charity, CAF is registered for anti-money laundering purposes.

    This means that we need to take a few more steps with our due diligence process – and in the case of CAF Donate, this means asking you for the full names, addresses and dates of birth for all your trustees. 

    It might seem like a pain now but it does mean that you can be reassured that we are extremely scrupulous in all our interactions with you and is why CAF is trusted by charities and donors alike.
  • How we can help you claim Gift Aid

    We want you to get the most from every donation – no matter how large or small. CAF Donate helps relieve the burden of admin by automatically checking which donations are eligible, submitting a claim to HMRC, reconciling the money that comes back and settling to your bank account – all without you breaking a sweat. You simply need to appoint us as a partner with HMRC by completing a CHV1 form.

    Don’t worry if you still want to take care of your own Gift Aid – we’ll still give you a report of all the eligible donations for you to generate your own claims.

    We’ll only make claims on the donations we process for you so you will still need to submit claims for donations made through other sources.

For more help and information please visit our help section or take a look at our terms and conditions.
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Grow your income and make giving easier for existing and new supporters, however they choose to donate.

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