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Dentaid provides free dental care for homeless and vulnerable people. The mobile dental units visit homeless shelters, day centres and soup kitchens providing emergency treatment for people who find it difficult to access dental care. 

Many homeless and vulnerable people are not registered with a dentist and live with long-term pain and infections.  Sadly, 70% of homeless people have dental problems and 15% have tried to extract their own teeth.


Thanks to the CAF Resilience Fund we will be able to continue and expand our work taking outreach dental services to homeless and vulnerable people.  The last year has been extremely difficult as we had to cancel our entire fundraising programme whilst facing ever-increasing demand for our services.

Sue Smith
UK Development Manager at Dentaid 



How the £36,288 grant from the CAF Resilience Fund helped support Dentaid

Increase in Dental Treatments

Over 200 individuals have benefitted from dental treatment from the CAF Resilience Fund.


Dentaid has been able to set up pilot clinics in new locations, as well as continue their regular services.

Alleviate NHS

Giving vital dental care to vulnerable individuals will reduce the impact on local A&E services.

DENTAID: Their story

Poor oral health can have a huge impact on quality of life including lack of self-confidence, sleep interruption, inability to chew food, speech difficulties, depression and anxiety.  Gum disease may also increase risk of other health complications including stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

From the CAF Resilience funding, Dentaid has been able to treat over 200 individuals and open pilot clinics in new locations. Without vital dental treatment, many homeless people end up in hospital or A&E. Dentaid aims to reduce the demand on local NHS services which are already under intense pressure.

The Impact 

Indirectly, thousands of people will benefit from Dentaid's incredible work.

By helping people in need with their oral health, NHS pressure can be alleviated.

Their general health will directly benefit, which will enable them to concentrate on improving their overall situation and their quality of life, reengaging with employment and permanent housing. Host charities can then focus on supporting new vulnerable people.

Many patients are using drugs and alcohol to mask dental pain and once that has been resolved they can start rehabilitation programmes.

"More people need our help now than ever before.  With the help of CAF and our wonderful volunteers and supporters, we can get back on the road and ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities don’t have to suffer the misery of untreated toothache.”

Sue Smith, UK Developmental Manager at Dentaid


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This funding has been jointly provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Community Match Challenge funding scheme as part of the Government's £750 million coronavirus support package for charities along with matched funding by the Covid-19 Support Fund created by the insurance and long-term savings industry.

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