We don't currently claim Gift Aid on some or all of the donations that we process on your charity’s behalf. In response to demand, we've enhanced our new CAF Donate service to allow you to continue to claim Gift Aid yourself.

You can identify those donations to your charity - for which we hold a valid Gift Aid declaration - from your CAF Donate reports. This will enable you to reclaim Gift Aid for eligible donations. You'll find a detailed explanation of the Self-claim Gift Aid service in the CAF Donate user guide.

Please note: We can't process new donations that are ineligible for Gift Aid, such as a purchase or membership subscription where the member receives a benefit that exceeds HMRC donor benefit limits.

If you do self-claim Gift Aid, our transaction fee only applies to the donation itself, and not the Gift Aid component.

By using the CAF Donate service, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.
[1] The revised Terms and Conditions supercede the original CAF Donate Terms and Conditions which you were informed of in July 2013.