The following CAF Fundraising Support features will not be available through CAF Donate.

Service feature Change (refer to FAQs for more details)

Membership management

No longer available

Non-Gift Aid memberships

No longer available – although can be supported though the CAF Bank Bacs facility.

Self-claimed Gift Aid

No longer available – we will reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf on all donations received via CAF Donate

Cheque processing

No longer available

CAF-assisted offline processing of credit card and Direct Debit instructions

No longer available – however the new self-service facility can be used instead

Direct Debits under an individual SUN Number

Direct Debits will be collected under a single CAF SUN number which means that your donors will see a difference to the wording on their bank statements.

“CharityDonation” will appear instead of your own charity name or unique reference.

Standing orders

Existing standing orders will remain the same. As is currently the case, we will not be able to set up new Standing Orders in future.

Fees will continue at £1 per payment reconciliation.