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Raising the profile for lifesaving donations

Thousands of people have been inspired to become blood and stem cell donors thanks to a family who made it their mission to honour the legacy of a loved one.


Margot with her parents, Yaser and Vicki Martini


Months after losing their two year-old daughter Margot to blood cancer in 2014, Yaser Martini and his wife Vicki set up the Team Margot Foundation, with the aim of raising awareness and helping families and individuals have better access to donors.

And since registering the charity, their appeals have enabled over 50,000 people in the UK to sign up to donor registers and request swab kits online.   

In addition, Yaser and his sister Nadia launched ‘Giving to help others’ - a tailored education programme for primary schools across the country to raise awareness on blood cancers and the need for more donors of stem cells, blood and organs.

Speaking about the decision to launch the programme, Yaser said: 

“It took a loved one for me to change my own attitude and behaviour towards stem cell and blood donation, and I very much hope that others will embrace the culture and philosophy of ‘Giving to help others’, without first having to suffer their own family tragedy.”

Through the programme, the family hope that children will grow up accepting donation as the norm and will feel empowered to influence their families and loved ones at home and elsewhere.

The charity works alongside the NHS Blood and Transplant unit, and charities Anthony Nolan, and DKMS, who bridge the gap between donors and patients who need help.

Although their focus is not primarily on fundraising, Yaser said they wanted a designated place that people can be directed to if they wish to give.

He tells us:

 "When people do want to donate or fundraise we direct them straight to CAF Donate."

"We chose CAF Donate because CAF is an established organisation that is recommended across the charity sector. It also means that the burden of fundraising can be handled in a time-efficient and quick way.”

Team Margot also offers grants up to £1,000 to families caring for cancer patients. Since the start of their operations, they have administered over 125 such grants.

Margot Martini

They also work to improve the under-representation of Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Minority Ethnic (BAME) donors on the worldwide bone marrow and stem cell registers, a prevalent issue for people in need.

Yaser added: “Our family is hugely grateful to the tens of thousands of people in the UK and overseas who have and continue to support the cause and help spread the word. We imagine a world where every patient in need of a bone marrow transplant is confident of quickly finding a matching donor. And that every requirement for blood, platelet or organ donation can be met.”

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