How UK charities can work with CAF in the US

CAF America is a partner of the CAF Global Alliance. And UK charities can work with them to access charitable donations from US donors.

How it works

  • Any UK charity registered with the UK Charity Commission (or Scottish Charity Commission) is eligible to receive tax-effective donations from US taxpayers through CAF America.

  • Any charity registered to receive funds from CAF can have these donations attributed directly to their account (usually within two weeks of the donation being made to CAF America).

  • Donors receive an acknowledgement of the gift they can use for tax purposes from CAF America, using CAF America's registration number and tax-exempt status.

Go to the CAF America website to find out more

Why your charity should consider American donors

Philanthropy is part of America’s culture. In 2017 alone it was reported that US taxpayers donated a total of $410 billion to charity. And our USA Giving 2019 report found that:

  • the majority of Americans believe that charities have had a positive impact on their local communities, on the USA as a whole, and internationally;

  • more than six in ten (62%) Americans gave money in the last 12 months, either by donating to charity, by giving to a church/religious organisation, or by sponsoring someone;

  • the median amount donated or sponsored in the last year is $100, remaining consistent since 2017.

Working with American donors, in the last five years alone, CAF America has granted more than $532 million in donor funds to more than 4,000 charitable organisations in over 110 countries.

They also receive and grant non-cash assets like stock, art, or real property. And they work with US donors to support UK charities as part of their estate and legacy giving.

Visit the CAF America website to find out more

About CAF America

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America is a US public charity that facilitates grants to charitable causes in countries around the world. 

For over 25 years, their core mission has been to streamline grantmaking through donor advised giving, driven by their industry-leading organisational vetting and due diligence protocols. 

They enable donors to make strategic, cost-effective and tax-advantaged grants while reducing the risk, reputational exposure, and administrative burden associated with cross-border grantmaking.

About the CAF Global Alliance

The CAF Global Alliance is a leading international network of independent and locally-led organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society working across six continents.

We work together to build a generosity movement locally and globally, motivating society to give ever more effectively and helping to transform lives and communities around the world.

Learn more about CAF Global Alliance

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