Getting started with fundraising

Part 1 | Getting started

Asking the important questions of where you are, where you want to get to and why, and what resources you have available, Part 1 covers the fundamentals you’ll need when putting your fundraising strategy together.
Know your donors

Part 2 | Know your donors

Before you make the ‘ask’, your charity needs to identify who your donors actually are and which ones you'd like to reach. Part 2 will help you understand what your typical and ideal donors look like, and where you might be able to connect with them.
Multichannel fundraising

Part 3 | Multichannel Fundraising

Some of the most effective fundraising strategies integrate a number of communication channels. Part 3 of Fundraising Fundamentals explores online and offline fundraising channels to build a more effective fundraising strategy.
Retain donors

Part 4 | Retaining your donors

Not only does retaining and cultivating donors normally cost less than acquiring new ones, it’s important to the survival of any charity. Part 4 covers how to be good at thanking your donors and how to maintain their loyalty.

Useful Fundraising Resources

web donations


Boost donations through your website

Your charity's website is an important tool for raising funds online.

Get the most from it with our top tips


Write winning emails

Email can be an effective tool to raise donations when done properly. Our top email writing tips can help you write winning emails every time.

Get started
social media


Get the most from social media

Want to step up your social media, or just need some ideas to freshen up your content? Here's some hints and tips to drive your fundraising through social.

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