About this fund

In this time of a worldwide crisis a global Recovery and Resilience Fund has been launched by Playtech to assist organisations delivering mental health and wellbeing services around the world. Round 1 saw the distribution of both emergency short term recovery grants as well as long term, strategic resilience grants. 

Round 2 will focus on long term, strategic resilience grants between £5,000-50,000 up to 18 months.

Charities, social enterprises and not for profit organisations dedicated to delivering mental health services as part of their mission will be able to apply. The Fund has been seeded with an initial £3 million – over £2m has awarded in Round 1 and  up to £400,00 will be distributed in Round 2. Selected eligible countries are listed in the 'Who Can Apply' section.    



Covid-19 and mental health

This Fund will prioritise support for organisations who are delivering programmes to disproportionately affected populations such as those affected by gambling related harm, domestic abuse, unemployment as well as at-risk groups such as young people, frontline healthcare workers and first responders.

In addition to the available grant funds, Playtech are seeking to offer non-financial support to successful applicants to further build your resilience and build capacity.

The Fund has been established to help address the continuing and unprecedented toll that the pandemic is having on people’s mental health and wellbeing.  The Fund aims to support organisations delivering these critical programmes so that people can benefit from accessible, and affordable mental health and wellbeing services.  

As noted by leading authorities such as the UN and WHO, the covid pandemic has highlighted the need to urgently increase investment in these services in both the short- and long-term.  Further, organisations delivering these services have had to quickly invest in technology and new ways of working to ensure services can be delivered and accessed remotely. This Fund aims to support non-profit organisations to continue their vital services and to continue to adapt to new ways for working.


Who can apply

Eligible organisations will include small charities, not for profit and social enterprises who are delivering mental health and wellbeing services – these organisations may be delivering these services in the context of their larger core mission such as those addressing homelessness, education domestic abuse, unemployment, support for young people, crisis and/or gambling related harm.
Applications from the following countries will be prioritised in Round 2: Austria, Gibraltar, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, US. 

All applicants must be based in one of the countries where Playtech has an office:

  • UK
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Gibraltar
  • Philippines
  • Sweden
  • US
  • Ukraine
  • Isle of Man
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Latvia
  • Malta
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria

You can apply regardless of your organisation’s annual income, however, smaller organisations with an annual income of £1,000,000 or less will be prioritised.

Organisations must be registered organisations in their country.

We will accept only 1 application per organisation. 

Unsuccessful applicants from Round 1 may apply again. If you received an offer letter/grant in the previous round, we will not accept another application from your organisation.

Applications will open at 12pm (BST) on Wednesday 15 September, 2021.


Grant type

Round 2 will focus on one type of grant:Resilience grants: activity grants between £5,000 and £50,000 for up to 18 months to cover specific project costs. Projects should respond to the challenges you face as a result of the pandemic, and seek to test and try out new ways of working or to adapt services to enable your organisation to continue to deliver vital services.

Resilience grants are suitable for organisations that:

  • have a new project in mind that will build on their existing services
  • would like to test new ideas
  • are ready to fill in a more in-depth application form
  • are looking to create lasting impact
Please note that you may be awarded less than your grant request.

Applications will open at 12pm (BST) on Wednesday 15 September, 2021. 

What we will not fund

  • Individuals
  • Organisations that:
    • Are not registered as having a charitable purpose in your country 
    • Discriminate on the basis of religious or political belief
    • Primarily promote political or religious viewpoints to their beneficiaries
    • Use the funds to make grants or donations to other organisations or individuals
    • Are unable to supply appropriate registration and financial documents, bank details or personal details of trustees/directors in English
    • Cannot report back effectively on the outcomes of this grant
    • Are not based in one of the countries noted above
    • Did not receive an offer letter/grant in Round 1.

Please only submit a single application as we will not be able to assess multiple applications. 

Before you apply

Please ensure that you have read the programme details above carefully before deciding whether to apply. Is your organisation eligible and suitable for this fund? We anticipate a high demand for this programme, and unfortunately we will not be able to fund all organisations which apply.

Application deadlines

Resilience grants: 10am (GMT) on Monday 8 November, 2021.

  • How to apply
    To start a new application for this programme, please use the ‘new applications’ link below. You will be asked to log in to the online portal, or register if you have not previously used it, with your email address and a password.

    Following registration, you will need to complete a short series of questions to ensure your organisation is eligible to apply. This is designed to save time for prospective applicants. If your answers do not meet the eligibility criteria, you will be able to recomplete the eligibility questions if appropriate (for example, if an initial answer was submitted in error).

    After successfully completing the eligibility questions, you can then access the full online application form, answer questions about your organisation and upload supporting documents.

    The application form can be saved and revisited on an ongoing basis. It does not need to be completed at one time.

    To return to a saved application form, please use the ‘existing applications’ link below.
  • Decisions
    Following a thorough selection process, we aim to notify applicants whether they have been selected for a grant from December 2021.  
  • Due diligence/verification
    Organisations will all complete charitable verification by CAF and be asked to provide a bank statement to prove the bank account into which funds will be paid.

    Organisations which are not registered with one of the charity commissions of the UK or are outside the UK will be asked for further documentation, including governing documents, most recent annual financial accounts, personal details of trustees/directors and in some circumstances further information may be required.

    These checks must be completed within 3 months of notification that you have been selected for a grant. You must make sure that you have these documents ready before you apply.
  • Contracting and payment
    If the verification checks are successful, your organisation will be sent a grant agreement and, once signed, funds will be transferred in one payment.
  • Reporting
    We would like to find out what impact these funds have had on our grantees and the beneficiaries that they support. You will be sent an Impact Report to complete, to tell us about how the funds have been spent and the difference the funding has made. We may contact you to develop a case study. Timelines for reporting will be set out in your grant offer.
  • Top tips for completing your application
    When completing your application form, please make sure it is as relevant, clear and detailed as possible. You have the opportunity to tell us about:
    • The challenges your organisation is currently experiencing (e.g. operational, financial, logistical)
    • How a grant would most usefully be spent
    • What difference this would make to the recovery and sustainability of your organisation and the support you can provide
    • How you will measure the difference this would make, and how you intend to learn from this


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