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Updates on the Coronavirus from fund managers

As the news about the COVID-19 outbreak continues to change by the day, please see the latest information from our investment manager's on how they are responding to the situation.

This information is provided by the investment managers and due to the rapidly evolving situation we cannot guarantee that it is fully up to date. If you have any questions, you could go directly to the investment manager’s website for further information, or for charities call CFSL on 03000 123 444. CAF Trust customers should contact their client manager.

Legal & General Investment Management Ltd - investment manager of the CAF Equitrack fund - as at 3 March 2020

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    We recognise that the outbreak of the coronavirus is highly concerning. As the situation escalates we wanted to let you know that LGIM is monitoring events closely and has full contingency plans in place to maintain oversight of your assets.
    LGIM has an established framework in place for managing situations such as this and, from the outset, our Major Incident Team has been meeting several times each week to ensure all plans are in place. This includes ensuring our employees have the ability to access systems remotely, either from other offices or home, and all aspects of our trading, risk and investment operations.
    With the numbers of coronavirus cases now growing across the globe we have suspended all non-essential international business travel in the near term and are keeping this under review, whilst also continuing to reflect government advice.
    Within global stockmarkets the spread of coronavirus has resulted in a much more severe and broader reaction than the move that followed China’s initial outbreak. Since the situation deteriorated, we have witnessed sharp drops in global equities as well as wider credit spreads. Whilst there is still significant uncertainty, our economists have noted that their pre-virus global growth forecast of 2.5% could fall to just 1% or lower in 2020 in a worst case scenario. This would mean many developed economies experience GDP contraction, while emerging market growth would slow substantially. In such a scenario we believe it is likely that policy makers would step in with interest rate cuts and fiscal handouts to stimulate an economic recovery.
    Our investment teams continue to keep the situation under review and, of course, if you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of your mandate please do not hesitate to contact your Client Relationship Director.

    Read Legal & General's FAQs

    Sarah Aitkin
    Head of Distribution
    Legal and General Investment Management

BMO – provider of the CAF Socially Responsible Portfolio - as at 19 March 2020

  • Read BMO's statement

    The impact COVID-19 is having on lives, health and markets globally has been a focus for all of us. We recognize that this is an unsettling time and wanted to provide you with assurances that BMO is fully prepared for these extraordinary events. 

    To our clients, consultants and prospects, 

    BMO GAM is implementing plans globally to support our employees and clients. Across the organization we have business continuity plans to enact when necessary to ensure operations will continue to run effectively. As normal practice, these plans are regularly tested and enhanced to ensure critical functionality for any and all instance of disruption. Closer to home, our investment teams in London and Amsterdam are operating on a rotational basis but are also prepared to transition to a remote working plan. Our client management teams are now substantially working from home.  From a business perspective, BMO is currently operating with no disruptions. We have ceased all business travel and are moving our meetings in March and April to video and conference calls.

    We are confident in our plan, the actions we have taken and the work our teams are doing to safeguard the health of the BMO team and, by extension, our clients. 

    We are here to support you. Our investment teams and relationship managers are available to partner with you as you navigate these turbulent markets. We will continue to provide updates to you on markets calls, or our website and through direct communication. 

    From a markets perspective:

    The US Federal Reserve made the dramatic announcement on Sunday that they were cutting interest rates almost to zero. And how did the markets react? Futures on the S&P 500, the barometer of global equities, plunged at the opening in Asian time, hitting limit down, at which point trading is suspended.

    This followed a wave of action over the weekend by governments, most notably US state and local governments, to limit social interaction. Massive reductions in economic activity will follow. China, where the virus started of course, released data showing the intense damage to their economy. Events are moving swiftly and it is clear that some governments, notably in the UK, will have to do much more to contain the spread.

    Amid the bleak headlines, we should not overlook examples that point to guarded optimism. South Korea, once an alarming outbreak zone, now appears to have the coronavirus outbreak relatively under control. Social distancing, school shutdowns, and mass testing resulted in new cases going from 586 on 1st March to a mere 76 on 15th March. China was initially in denial over the virus but then went into over-drive and demonstrates that strong action produces strong results.

    Central banks have done what they can but the fiscal authorities must now act, and act swiftly. The UK has already announced bold measures to ease cash flow pressures on business and assist those who fall ill or are required to self-isolate. Despite their severe political differences, we expect the US Administration and Congress to take fiscal action too.

    The immediate outlook for financial markets depends on two separate sets of forces. First, and most obviously, the spread of new cases. The virus seems to be under control in China and South Korea and the World Health Organisation has declared that Europe is now the epicentre of the epidemic. We need to see signs that the number of new cases in Italy are slowing. The second set of factors relate to the functioning of markets. The regulators will be watching closely to see that markets continue to function in these difficult times. The market declines have been so severe and swift that distress will be inevitable in some areas. Widespread liquidations have not been reported but they do remain a risk.

    The fundamental supportive consideration is that the virus can and will be contained. Whatever the economic hardship caused in the process it should be temporary. Markets and economies will recover.

    Should we see signs that the medical situation is stabilising, this could signal a buying opportunity into what should be a significant rally.

    Read the latest update on the BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund

Octopus Investments Ltd - investment manager for the FP CAF funds and the CAF Managed Portfolio Service - as at 16 March 2020

  • Read the statement from Octopus

    Our latest update on coronavirus

    Since we wrote on the impact of the Coronavirus last week, things have progressed quickly and we wanted to provide a further update.

    The global spread of the virus combined with the Saudi-Russia oil price war has caused prices to decline across risk assets. We’ve also seen price rises in safe haven assets, and at times quite violent swings in markets.

    Our approach

    Having been cautious two weeks ago, we have continued to reduce exposure to risk assets across our portfolios. We have increased the cash across many of our funds and taken steps to reduce risk and protect investors’ capital.

    However, the current climate is unpredictable and we are keeping an eye on the events unfolding. We are ready to increase risk when the way forward becomes clearer.

    Much like our underlying managers, we are constantly reassessing the likely extent of the impact on markets and what outcomes are being priced in. Diversification remains at the heart of our approach. Our portfolios are invested across equities, bonds and alternatives and invested with managers that take different approaches. This diversification means that the impact of any given market shock should be dampened and the portfolios can continue to target a steady positive return over the long term time.

    The long term approach

    The long term expectations of the volatility bands of each profile take account of the fact that markets experience periods of heightened volatility such as we are experiencing today. While it is natural to worry about the headlines and it can feel painful to see the value of investments fall, we advise against reacting to short term losses emotionally.

    In times like these it’s more important than ever to take a long-term view. Significant market falls are unusual events. Having said that, they are not unprecedented and we have seen time and again that investing in the market over many years bears fruit.

    The steps we’re taking

    Finally, we would like to reassure you and your client that we have the technology in place to allow the team to work remotely. We have recently tested this, having part and the entire team out the office. We are well positioned to run the portfolios in every eventuality.

    The Octopus Multi Manager team

Woodford/ Link Equity Income fund update 3 February 2020

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    Last week, Link Fund Solutions (the Authorised Corporate Director of the Fund) issued a number of updates about the LF Woodford Equity Income Fund which is one of a broad range of the underlying investments of the CAF UK Equity Fund.

    In November Link decided not to re-open the fund following it's suspension on 3 June and instead wind it up as soon as is practicable. The first distribution of capital to investors, including the CAF UK Equity Fund, took place on 30 January.

    Please be advised that you do not need to take any action at this time. However, if you have any queries, our client team is on hand to answer them, as are the fund managers at Octopus Investments. Please call 03000 123 444 to speak to your CAF Client Relations manager, or 0800 316 2295 to speak directly to Octopus.


    The Woodford Equity Income Fund, run by fund manager Neil Woodford, underperformed both its peers and the UK market in recent years.

    Due to the underperformance, investors chose to disinvest heavily in the months leading up to June 2019. This caused issues within the Fund as holdings had to be sold to raise the required cash and the remaining assets rebalanced frequently. As liquidity suffered the Fund struggled to achieve good prices for what it was off-loading. As such Link decided to suspend trading in the Fund, allowing the manager time to reorganise the assets, improve liquidity and increase stability. This reorganisation did not produce the desired results and Link decided it would not be in the best interests of investors to reopen the Fund. Woodford Investment Management was removed from the management of the fund on 15 October 2019.

    The Fund’s assets were split into two parts, one comprised of listed assets (“Portfolio A”) and one comprised of the unlisted and certain highly illiquid listed assets (“Portfolio B”). BlackRock was appointed to sell the assets in Portfolio A and used the proceeds to purchase money market funds and FTSE 100 index instruments. PJT Partners (UK) Limited (“Park Hill”) was appointed during the suspension period to assist in selling the assets in Portfolio B and will continue in this role.

    The fund name was officially changed from 'LF Woodford Equity Income' to 'LF Equity Income Fund' (LEIF) in December 2019.

    It’s important to remember that the fund value is based on the value of the underlying investments; these continue to be owned and independently valued by specialists in the UK market.

    Key points of the recent updates:

    • In a letter issued on 28 January, Link advised investors of the first distribution of capital due under the wind up. The CAF UK Equity Fund is invested in the C Sterling Accumulation class and received 58.6631 pence per share.
    • The payment covers just over 75% of the value of the assets in the fund, equivilent to £2.2bn. The assets involved in this part of the payout are primarily made up of the sellable, liquid holdings in Portfolio A that Blackrock are selling.
    • Investors will also receive income distributions of £9.2m in February and £0.45k in March.
    • Estimated winding up costs of £10.3m have been set aside by Link.
    • Between suspension on 3 June 2019 and 24 January 2020 the fund has fallen by 19.71% in value. The performance from 15 October, the date of the decision to wind up the fund to 24 January, showed a loss of 4.49%. The benchmark FTSE All-Share rose by 9.65% over the former period.

    Update on progress

    This distribution of capital represents the majority of the value of the assets of Portfolio A (the quoted assets) and around 75% of the overall value of the Fund.

    The liquidation of the unquoted book, Portfolio B managed by PJT Partners, is still in progress.

    At this stage, Link says it's unable to confirm when the the sale of these assets will be completed or the date of any further partial or full repayments.

    Fund valuation

    Link will continue to calculate and publish the Net Asset Value (NAV) per share of the assets in the LEIF, but will now issue these on a weekly, rather than daily basis.

    The Fair Value Pricing committee of FundRock Partners, the Authorised Corporate Director of the FP CAF UK Equity fund, decided it was prudent to discount this NAV by 3.33% in FP CAF UK Equity fund valuations. This is to reflect the potential difference in value between the sale price achieved for the unquoted assets in the LEIF and Link’s current estimate of the value of those assets.

    This valuation basis will be kept under regular review.

    How much of the LF Equity Income fund is held by CAF UK Equity Fund?

    The CAF UK Equity Fund will receive £5.4m under this capital distribution, which Octopus will reinvest in accordance with the Fund aims and objectives. This sum equates to just under 5% of the total FP CAF UK Equity portfolio value.

    This leaves around £2.3m still invested in the LEIF, or 1.5% of the total value of the fund.

    Why does the CAF UK Equity Fund hold the LEIF fund?

    The Link Equity Income Fund is part of a wide portfolio of investments held within each FP CAF fund, which are designed to complement each other and to reduce the impact of any negative incidents affecting one particular fund or part of the diverse UK market.

    What action is being taken by the FP CAF fund managers, Octopus?

    Octopus will reinvest the cash released by Link as soon as it is available.

    Are any other FP CAF funds impacted?

    The FP CAF Alternative Strategies Fund has less than 1% of its assets invested in Woodford Patient Capital Trust shares.

    Can I get my (charity’s) money back?

    The CAF UK Equity Fund remains fully tradable and you can choose to sell all or part of your holding it if you wish. The LEIF holding is one of many underlying investments in the Fund and is the only one affected by this situation.


The prices shown are those calculated for the date shown. The funds deal on a forward pricing basis, therefore these are only indicative of prices an investor may pay or receive for actual transactions. The price you will pay or receive will be calculated after receipt of dealing instructions.

The prices, yield and fund size is provided by the relevant Fund Manager or Authorised Corporate Director and CAF accepts no liability for any inaccurate information provided by the Fund Manager.

If you're in any doubt about these prices you should consult your stockbroker, solicitor, accountant or other professional adviser.

These Funds are marketed through CAF Financial Solutions Limited (CFSL), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 189450).

CAF Financial Solutions Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CAF, has issued and approved the content of this page.

CAF UK Equitrack Fund

Prices as at 01/04/2020

CAF UK Equitrack Fund Share type Bid price (pence) Offer price (pence) Yield Total fund size (£m)
CAF UK Equitrack Fund Accumulation units 99.70
CAF UK Equitrack Fund Distribution units 60.84 60.84 5.1  


The fund size shown above for the CAF UK Equitrack Fund is the value of the fund calculated on the last working day of the previous month.

These prices are historic and therefore only indicative of prices an investor may pay or receive for actual transactions, which are calculated after receipt of dealing instructions. Price, yield and fund size information is provided by Legal & General (Unit Trust Managers) Limited.

The CAF UK Equitrack Fund is managed and operated by Legal & General (Unit Trust Managers) Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

CAF Socially Responsible Portfolio

Figures as at 01/04/2020

CAF Socially Responsible Portfolio Share class  
Single price (pence)  Yield Total fund size (£m)
BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund 1 Accumulation shares 543.90 0.0  
BMO Responsible Global Equity Fund 2 Accumulation shares 423.00 0.7  

BMO Responsible Sterling Corporate Bond Fund 1 Income shares 122.30 1.4  
BMO Responsible Sterling Corporate Bond Fund 2 Income shares 122.50 2.0  

BMO Responsible UK Equity Fund 1 Accumulation shares 1136.00 1.9  
BMO Responsible UK Equity Fund 2 Accumulation shares 283.00 3.0  

BMO Responsible UK Income Fund 1 Income shares 111.20 5.5  
BMO Responsible UK Income Fund 2 Income shares 147.50 5.5  


These prices are historic and therefore only indicative of prices an investor may pay or receive for actual transactions, which are calculated after receipt of dealing instructions. Price, yield and fund size information is provided by BMO Global Asset Management.

CAF Financial Solutions Limited (CFSL) promotes and markets the CAF Socially Responsible Portfolio. The funds included in the range of sub-funds are offered through BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC II and BMO Investment Funds (UK) ICVC V Applications may only be made on the basis of the current KIID and Prospectus. The Authorised Corporate Director of the ICVCs is BMO Fund Management Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 121940. BMO Global Asset Management is a trading name of BMO Fund Management Limited. Registered in England and Wales, No. 02170242. Registered address and Head Office: Exchange House, Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2NY.

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The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may not get back the full amount that you originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. There is no guarantee about the level of capital or income returns that will be generated.