Access a wide range of investments in a single, managed portfolio


Developed and operated by Octopus Investments, the CAF Managed Portfolio Service gives you easy access to a range of investment profiles designed to meet specific risk and return objectives:


First, your trustees and/or board members need to pick the right investment profile for your organisation. Your investment profile is made up of two or more of the four sub-funds of the FP CAF Investment Fund*, which generate their returns from a specific asset class (for example, equities or bonds).

The sub-funds are then combined to create a diversified investment portfolio. You can also specify the level and frequency of withdrawals to suit your charity's cashflow needs.

Next, Octopus Investments will:

  • build an investment portfolio
  • manage your portfolio in line with your chosen investment profile
  • regularly review all investment profiles to ensure you get the best potential for returns within your chosen risk limits
  • automatically reflect any changes to your investment profile in your underlying portfolio
  • send your regular reports to keep you in touch with portfolio activity

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CFSL can't provide investment advice or ongoing portfolio management. Different investments suit different investors, so it’s important to get advice from an independent financial adviser. To find one in your area, visit

*A range of multi-manager funds managed by Octopus Investments.

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Important information

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. You may not get back the full amount that you originally invested.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

There is no guarantee about the level of capital gains or income that will be generated.

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